If calibration fails, please ensure the following:

  1. You remain still while the cuff is inflating – it is important to maintain a stationary, non-tensed position.
  2. Your batteries are charged above 50% – as indicated in-app by the battery icon. 
  3. Your cuff is in the correct position – area of the limb with the largest circumference, module facing forward, and the SAGA logo can be read the right way up.
  4. There is no residual air in the air bladder – apply gentle pressure with hands to remove air.
  5. The cuff is not too tight – enough room under the cuff for two fingers.
If you are still unable to calibrate, please try the following:
A different body position:
  • Sitting with knee bent 90⁰; or
  • Lying position, with back of knee supported by a small towel.
Firmly secure the module to the band: 
  1. Feel the cuff material where AirBands module attaches to the band. 
  2. The area should feel smooth with two small, rounded bumps. These bumps are the two plugs that connect the airbladder in the band to the module.
  3. Push down on the plugs to firmly secure the module-to-band connection.