1. Place your BFR Cuffs on your limb. Please refer to wearing instructions to see how to properly place the The BFR Cuffs on your limbs. Ensure the The BFR Cuffs are on snugly, but not too tight (two fingers gap between skin and The BFR Cuffs). 

2. It is important that you get into a comfortable and non-tensed position. 

3. Press “Calibrate Pressure” and remain stationary.  Note: During calibration only one cuff will inflate during calibration. 

4. The BFR Cuffs will inflate to calculate safe BFR pressure. 

5. The calibration will take approximately 1 minute to complete. 

6. If calibration fails, the app will notify you - please follow this link to learn how to troubleshoot failed calibration.